NACTA Events

NACTA members participate in industry- related trade events throughout the year. These are great opportunities to network, build new business relationships and connect with buyers, wholesalers and designers across our niche market.

NACTA Events

Showcase Ireland

Royal Dublin Society (RDS) Ballsbridge, Ireland – NACTA retailers attend Ireland’s annual creative expo for designers and makers of fashion, knitwear, jewelry, and accessory products. This is a trade-only event over four days with almost 5,000 visitors from 26 countries. 2021 will be a VIRTUAL event, more info can be found on 

January 24th – January 27th , 2021

NACTA Events

Scottish Trade Show 2021 

 The Scottish Trade fair aims to inspire a “hotbed” of creativity and innovation where 30+ young producers showcase their wares, bringing originality to an upmarket craft gallery and presenting a wide selection of products handmade in Scotland. Please check for the latest info 

L I V E   S E S S I O N S
March 3rd & 4th, 2021

NACTA Events


Live events on Sunday 25th, Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th of April 2021. Celtic Shows virtual trade show will offer Live studio feeds, Fashion Show, Food Demos, Trend Talks focused on the Celtic marketplace.

NACTA Events

Meet the Maker Tour

Each year, NACTA store owners have the opportunity to visit Ireland/Scotland with our travel partner, CIE Tours International. A wonderful opportunity to experience beautiful lush landscapes, rich heritage sites and the highlight of our adventures, vendor member manufacturer visits, our annual Meet the Maker Tour is our best opportunity to see fine product in the making and reinforce business relationships among NACTA members.

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