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The North American Celtic Trade Association (NACTA) is a non-profit organization that currently counts approximately 200 businesses among its members. Membership offers a unique opportunity to be a part of an inclusive networking group that allows members to grow their business, educate and communicate collectively within the Celtic Marketplace.

Why Join NACTA?

Apply for Enterprise Ireland-supported sponsorship opportunities for all NACTA retailer members who attend Showcase Ireland in Dublin each January. Discounted member package rates are available.

Attend the Scottish Trade Fair in Glasgow, Scotland along with fellow NACTA members. Discounted pricing is available for travel and accommodations to take part in the event, meet our Scottish manufacturer members and  purchase all your Scottish product needs.

Enjoy the free advertising opportunity exclusive to NACTA retailers and vendors who wish to promote their store and events in the “store stories” section of the bi-annual publication of “Spirit of Ireland” Magazine, with 70,000 copies widely distributed within the USA and Ireland.

Find and be found.  All retailer members’ stores are listed in the member directory on this site, so you can be found.  You will have the opportunity to browse and utilize the members area of the NACTA website, which includes access to vendor product info, videos, committee news and event discounts.

Stay informed with regular group emails that will keep you informed of industry news, opportunities and, events and stay connected with fellow retailers and manufacturers in the marketplace.

Communicate with fellow members on our closed NACTA Facebook Forum to share, learn and provide networking opportunities for all members

Receive publicity through a unique opportunity and affiliation with Irish Central in the NACTA/Shop section on their main website. Advertise collectively with members of the association and receive discounted rates of up to 40% less than an individual advertiser.

Allow TransferMate Global to work for you! This international group can provide NACTA members with all the benefits of easily sending and receiving payments overseas. This is faster, cheaper and way more efficient than any bank. Sign up to learn more: It’s free to members!

Benefit from travel! Partnering with CIE Tours, NACTA has a unique travel affiliation program (, to share the best pricing and details on tours to Ireland, Scotland and England. We offer competitive pricing for group shop tours and we provide  free promotional material. Enjoy an annual opportunity to visit Ireland/Scotland on our #meetthemakers tour at low cost to you to see the product in the making by our manufacturer members. Listen, learn and retell the creative stories  as you share the products with your customers.  

Your fellow retail store owner and vendor suppliers appreciate your participation. Please consider coming on board as an active partner in this dynamic and unique trade sector.

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